Dear 2020…Thank you.


Amy Borowski, reporter

It seems that the last month of 2020 is upon us and for most of us we are rejoicing. 2020 has been a year of chaos for students, families, small businesses, and all essential workers involved in the ongoing pandemic. Typically, around this time of year I start hearing new year resolutions of people who are ‘determined to change’. The one I’m hearing from all ages this year is “I’ve never had such a bad year in my life, 2021 needs to be differemt ” or “talk about a waste of 365 days”, as if they didn’t say a year ago that “this is my year”.

I think Americans as a whole took advantage of what life was like before the pandemic struck. Millions of families across the world have lost loved ones due to this horrible virus with life completely being changed. This year was not just a year of loss of loved ones , but a loss of hope. People began to wonder, will this ever go away? Will life ever be the same?

My New Years resolution last year was to challenge myself to become a better person in some way. I was not sure how but 2020 made it very clear : to be thankful for what you have and to not wish for what you don’t. 2020 woke me up, made me realize that I got a little too comfortable with what I always had. Life really is all about perspective , and the way you choose to see problems that occur.

So I leave you all with this question…What did 2020 teach you?