The Case For Going To School All Week, In Person

Jackson Kirtley

Schools across the country are coping with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in different ways. Here at Cabell Midland we have the option to stay home all week and work behind a computer or attend school for two days in a week and work behind a computer. This has caused many students to be overwhelmed with the work-load that has been assigned to them. The reasoning behind this is the fear of a student or teacher contracting covid-19. According to the CDC, Covid-19 has a death rate of 0.00003% for people under the age of 19, for comparison (according to the CDC) the seasonal flu has a death rate of of 0.01% for people under the age of 17, and 0.02% for people aging from 18-49. According to the Center for Disease Control students have a higher chance of dying from the seasonal flu than they do from COVID-19 but we don’t cancel school to prevent the flu. The common concern for allowing in-person school is spreading the virus to older people however even in that scenario the death rate for people over the age of 70 with covid-19 is 0.054% and with the flu is 0.83%. When we have students struggling to turn in assignments on time due to the prevention of a virus that has the symptoms of a common cold and a death rate that Is lower than the seasonal flu it makes one wonder if it’s all worth it

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