Christmas for 2020


Nathan Stephens

This as you assume would be tough to have any sort of Christmas. Christmas is one of the most enjoyable holidays we aren’t sure if we can even celebrate it the way that we love so much. Covid has us making all kinds of restrictions on who we can see what we can do and sometimes it really keeps families from each other. All over the world and especially in America Covid is running wild and it’ll only get worse due to the traveling that is about to take place for the holiday season. People want to see each other and celebrate but we do need to take the proper steps to stop the virus.

There is however hope because of the vaccine that has been proposed by pfizer. Hopefully we can get through this together and wear masks and be safe. The vaccine might be the Christmas miracle that we need for this holiday season. It is a break that is well needed for everyone and the ones who lost loved ones this year. We need to do what we can to come together no matter what to make this holiday season special for everyone. If we can do that than I think we will be just fine.