My SAT Experience

Image: Google

Image: Google

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

As we all know by now, the SAT is an imperative standardized test that everyone has to take at some point in their life if they want to attend college or higher level schooling. Children in the United States dread the test, yet on test day it seems as if this single test will determine their future.

I decided to take my first official SAT recently. Each year there have been countless practices taken at school, and eventually I needed the real thing. To gain hours of college math credit at the end of the year I must pass my math final, but it was also a requirement that I had taken the SAT.

Preparing for test day was the worst part of the whole process. Registering came easily, but of course you have to pay for the exam. My fear set in while registering as our internet refused to allow me to finalize my request. After a couple days of waiting it out, the website finally worked and I was set to take the SAT on December 5th, 2o2o.

You should definitely read all requirements and rules for testing day, as you are not even allowed to take a drink of water while in the testing room. Of course this is only for the benefit of everyone as distractions could ruin your chances of the dream college you’ve always wanted to attend.

I read over each rule carefully, and prepared my bag with each item I needed for testing day. Double checking was most important as I’m probably the most forgetful person I know. There are many resources to answer practice questions with such as Khan Academy, and the PSAT/NMSQT Practice Booklet. When arriving on test day, the room was quiet. As each person arrived the energy in the room shifted to a tense, anxious group of teens wanting the best for their lives.

The room was cold, which was to be expected, but along with this we were instructed each step before the test. When testing begins, the worst part is not the test, it is the time constraint. The best way to manage this is to stay calm, read diligently, because it will not take hardcore reading skills to answer the questions with finesse. Luckily there were breaks between almost each section which made the test more bearable.

Remembering to get good rest the night before is very important as you stare into the information filled papers. It’s also pretty important you eat a good breakfast because trust me, if you don’t bring a snack, you will get hungry. Other than the chill of the room, and the worry of getting a good score, test day went very great. Everyone abided by the rules, no interruptions, and a smooth testing environment.

I would strongly suggest any one wanting to attend higher education to take this test, and look into why it is important.