Christmas Decorations


Morgan McKinney, Reporter

It’s that time of the year again Christmas. Time to decorate the house. People normally people think Christmas is mainly all about presents and toy’s. However sometimes people forget about decorations. I love Christmas decorations they look so on houses. decorating the Christmas tree in December is so nice. My family even has a peanuts decorated tree for Christmas in our family room down stairs. Normally my brother and mom work on the outside decorations because my brother is tall, and my mom knows how to use tools. My favorite kind of decoration is a reef. Christmas decorations are nice.


For a-couple of years  we used our grandparents tree. This year we got a new tree and It’s great. We now use an angel instead of a star. My brother also got a new ornament from his college Washington and Lee. We also setup a nativity scene in the dining room because it’s nice. We also have a day’s till Christmas calendar with Santa goes down the chimney. Decorations are always a nice touch to the season of December being Christmas. Decorations on Halloween are an eh because the they can be too scary to kids. Those are Christmas decorations.