Is Rock N Roll Dead

This question seems to come up a lot in the music world and there are different answers. Rock started in the 1950’s with the help of pioneers such as Elvis, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and many others. It took the world by storm and made controversy along the way. Rock has changed through the years from the 1950’s rockabilly sound to the 1960s Psychedelic sound further on the the 70s punk rock movement and then on the the 80’s hair band rock leading the grunge.Rock has always reinvented itself but when it came to the 2000’s rock had a sudden halt. In the 2010’s rock was barely seen. There were some hits by bands such as 21 Pilots and others that could be considered rock but none of those bands really stepped out trying to claim themselves to rock.

People say rock is dead but there is more to it than that. Rock doesn’t necessarily die but goes into hibernation. Rock died in the 70s to disco and then again to the 80s pop and so on to todays rap. Rock always makes a comeback. As much as we love and appreciate bands like the Foo fighters and Rolling stones it’ll take someone young and unique to start a new rock movement.