Kurt Cobain


Nathan Stephens

Kurt Cobain began his life as a loved and musically talented boy and went on to inspire millions.nHe was born into a family of a police officer. HE displayed musical gifts from the start and seemed to have the perfect life. When he 9 his parents got a divorce that forever changed him. He felt embarrassed because of the divorce and resented his stepmother and the people that his mom would date. He became a rebellious kid and started smoking weed with friend at a very young age. He had very deep depression that kept building itself up over the years. His hometown did not help with for it was a depressing logging town near Seattle. He dropped out of school and was kicked out of his house and began living under a bridge nearby.

Kurt began joining bands and looking for something where he could explore his vision. He started a band names after the greek god Nirvana which is the God of peace. His band mate was Krist Novoselic who had went to school with kurt. They got a drummer named Chad Channing to play drums on their first studio album “Bleach”. Later on they replaced him with Dave Grohl and they came out with an album that changed the world and music. That album was “Nevermind” which featured “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and went number one.They became the biggest band in the world overnight. Kurt seemed to have the perfect life. He was one of the most famous people on the planet and he got married and had a kid.

On the inside Kurt was being eaten away by his depression and his addiction to heroine. He had many overdoses but the one that changed everything was his Rome overdose where he almost died. His family and band had an intervention which infuriated Kurt but he went to rehab anyway. Kurt left the rehab center and made his way to a gun shop where he bought a shotgun. He then went home and was found dead from a shotgun wound to the head. There are many theories as to how he died or if he even did it but in the end we have to realize that not everyone is happy and some are good at hiding depression. We need to help to save life like this and be kind ad notice the signs. In 1994 we lost a legend that forever changed the face of music