Fun Christmas Movie’s


Morgan McKinney, Reporter

During the Christmas season there are fun little Christmas movie’s to watch and this is a list of movie’s to watch over the seasons.

Christmas Vacation– This is movie about Clark Griswold trying to keep his family together during Christmas. He also wants to get his Christmas bonus as soon as posable so he can put pool in his backyard. The only problem is that his family is really crazy.

It’s a wonderful life– This story follows George Bailey who wants to go to college but things keep getting in his way, so he can’t go to the school he wants. He also falls in love with a girl named Mary and he’ll lasso her the moon.

A Christmas Story– This story is about Ralph and all he wants for Christmas is a red rider bebe gun. He also has fun adventures with his family and friends.

Klaus– This story is about a postman who has to mail 6,000 letters to go home. He meets a man named Klaus who wanted to start a family but his wife got sick and passed away. Through the magic of gift giving he brought a whole town together from their little feud.

Those are some Christmas movies that should be enjoyable for the Christmas season. I hope you enjoy them.