The Case For Abstinence

Jackson Kirtley

Sex outside of marriage isn’t exactly uncommon for teenagers nowadays. Some believe there’s nothing wrong with it due to it being natural while others believe that even though it’s natural, it may not be the right thing to do. I believe it is immoral to roll the dice on raising a child in an environment that wasn’t prepared for it, although that is my opinion. I and many others believe this because it’s the only form of birth control that works 100% of the time, but everybody knows that. What some people may not know is the benefits on relationships that are abstinent until marriage. According to a study that involved 2,035 couples relationship stability was 22% higher for the people who were abstinent until they were married. This shows more of a bond and long lasting trust compared to couples who didn’t wait until marriage. The rated satisfaction with relationships were 20% higher for couples who were abstinent which is just further evidence of an abstinent relationship being a healthier relationship. The study also showed that the sexual quality was 15% lower for those who weren’t abstinent. When it comes to choosing to be abstinent you should know the risks and benefits that come with either decision which is why I highly recommend educating yourself on these topics, learn the risks to sex here.