Cabell Midland Football Team Crushes Competition


The Herald Dispatch

Football games can provide a lot of excitement for players and fans alike.

Alyssa Russell, Staff Reporter

The Knights started their season in a game against the Spring Valley Timberwolves, which many expected to be a close game.
“I felt like we did well,” said senior Caperton Humphrey “However, it was also sloppy, therefore we had to critique things.”
Week two ended with the Knight’s 56-6 over the Winfield Generals, which was a nice lead into week three on the road against the Capital Cougars.
“We have mental toughness,” said senior Chris Camp “On top of that we aren’t afraid to get physical, we don’t care how big our competition is, our goal is to beat them.”
The team reached number one in the state on week three, post-victory against the Capital High School Cougars who they beat 21-14. They got ahead with 40 seconds to go in the fourth quarter due to a touchdown by senior Devin Stapleton.
“Once they called my number I knew it was go time,” said Stapleton. “I got out there, gave it my best shot, and put all my trust in my team.  We knew we had something to get done, and I believe we did.”
Throughout the first few weeks the boys knew they had something to prove, which they did after week three and continued to run past competition in week four, beating the Woodrow Wilson Flying Eagles 70-6.
“The team is full of young talent,” said senior Jacob Hendricks. “On top of that, the team has been working hard every day. We are trying to play our best to achieve our goals.”
After their week four victory against Woodrow Wilson High School they remained number one, but were sharing the number one spot with Morgantown.
After the fifth game of the season the Knights were 5-0 with a 33-29 win over the South Charleston Black Eagles, remaining number one in the state and no longer sharing the title.
“We are of course looking ahead to a state championship,” said Humphrey. “However, we also want to win every game, and win the MSAC, because looking at past years whoever wins that goes to the state championship.”