Keeping Up with School Over the Holidays


Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Everyone enjoys the holidays, especially when there’s nothing to do. Keeping up with work or school can become complicated when you want to rest, yet there is a way to do b0th.

Creating time to focus on work is the most important part. You have to have the self-control to check your computer for work you are missing. There are some easy tricks to keep yourself on track. First you can try setting timers for work time. Start small with about 10-30min of time you will set aside all distractions and focus on school work. Then, after that alarm is up, take a small break.

Another good way to force yourself to do work is to reward yourself for what you actually do. Say you have been wanting a soda all day, but you sort of feel bad for not doing anything well reward yourself that soda after you accomplish something school related. Maybe after you finish a paper that you’ve been wanting to get out of the way you can trick your brain into doing more work by rewarding what you start with.

One last good way I use is to tell other people what work you need to complete. Someone that will keep you on track. A parent, a responsible sibling, a trustable friend. When you tell other people what you need to do you are more likely to remember it. Also, they will most likely ask you about it again and remind you if you forgot, or tell you to get to work if you haven’t.

Of course there are numerous ways to get your work done in a responsible and quick manner. Don’t forget it is okay to take breaks and rest, but you don’t want to procrastinate until the last day of any break to finish all your work. It makes the holidays more enjoyable when you know you hav everything caught up.