My Favorite Pokemon Game


Morgan McKinney, Reporter

This story is about my absolute favorite Pokemon game is a game called Pokemon Platinum. The Sinnoh region is my favorite Pokemon region in the whole series. Plus it has my favorite fire fighting starter being Infernape who is awesome. It also has my favorite champion in the series her name is Cynthia. Her Garchomp is one of the hardest Pokemon boss fight in the game so be prepared for that. This game is one of the hardest Pokemon Games in the entire Pokemon series. The gym’s are challenging, the Pokemon League is tough, and your rival is fun to fight as well.


In every single new save file I do in this game I alway’s start the game with Chimchar and it alway’s makes the game a. little bit easier. The toughest Pokemon in the game who isn’t a legendary is called Garchomp it’s basically if you took a shark and gave it a body. The best thing in this game is the verity of Pokemon you have to choose from in this game their are so many you can choose from Generation 1-4 and yet they are all still some of the coolest Pokemon I’ve ever scene. The is my favorite Pokemon game in the series.