Genshin Impact


Image: Me

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Genshin Impact is the video game becoming popular all over the world. It comes available to play on many platforms, and is even free on the Apple App Store.

So what is Genshin Impact? It is an extremely advanced adventure game where you can play as many different characters while you complete quests and unlock new territory. You are provided with a companion from the beginning of the game when you choose your character. Paimon is your companion, and they have many benefits to the game such as engaging in conversation, aiding you in combat, and bargains on the game’s wishing system.

The game has tons of features like a quest menu to keep track of your quests, the wishing system where you can use the game’s form of currency to purchase new characters or weapons, and even a map so you can see where you are the entire time.

The game runs on a ranking called Adventure Rank, which tracks your familiarity to the map, other characters, and quests. The more quests you complete, the more your adventure rank raises. You should work on unlocking all the territories as a beginner and unlocking all the teleporting waypoints so you can quickly go anywhere you want.

There are even places where you can buy items in the game with the game’s currency and cook food, upgrade your character, upgrade your weapons, and so much more. There are different tiers of characters when you receive them, and if you have a five star character you are very lucky! Each character also has their own elemental fighting power which relates to the game’s main story.

No matter how you adventure, be careful because you can come across many difficult opponents. If you plan on trying this game out, be careful of one last thing, it’s highly addictive.