Did Lee Harvey Oswald Really Shoot Kennedy?


Amy Borowski, reporter

Conspiracy theories are one of my favorite things to read about , especially being home so much due to the pandemic. I love history and love learning about different conspiracy theories that have happened with historical events. One of my favorite conspiracy to read about is the JFK assassination. On Nov. 22nd , 1963, president John F Kennedy was in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, when he was struck by two bullets. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the assassination of the president, and as we know was also shot and killed two days later on live television. The new story concluded that Oswald acted alone but there are many theories that the CIA hired Oswald because of the president’s reactions to communism and the Bay of pigs incident that happened shortly before. Some people also believe that Cuba or the Soviet Union could have possibly been involved with the assassination due to the altercations that Kennedy had with the Cuban missile crisis. I’ve read several different articles and a lot of people believe that John F Kennedy was not shot in the front of the head but the back and that the location where Oswald was supposedly at would have made it impossible for him to have killed the president. A man by the name Abraham Zapruder was at this motorcade to see President Kennedy and actually caught on film the assassination. The film was used as evidence in the case against Lee Harvey Oswald who shot Kennedy from a six-floor window at the Texas school bank depository. Physicists have studied the gunshot wound and the way that Kennedy’s neck jerks forward at the time of impact, could only happen if the force of the bullet came from the back. Physicist Nalli’s theory “confirmed that the president could have not been shot from the infamous “grassy knoll” in front of him.” So did Oswald really shoot Kennedy? Or was he just a distraction/coverup?