I played Final Fantasy 7


Morgan McKinney, Reporter

Out of all the games that I’ve played I think Final Fantasy 7 is one of my absolute favorite games in my life. The Story is great, and complicated, the characters are cool and hilarious, and the combat is amazing. The character you mainly play as is mercenary named Cloud Strife. Cloud use to be a part of Shinra’s SOLDIER program. he eventually made it to the highest ranking in SODIER ranking in 1st class. While on his journey to defeat his nemesis Sephiroth and stop him from stealing the planets life energy Cloud meets a lot of people along the way to The Promised Land.


The game has a lot of mechanics that make the game a lot of fun. The best thing out of these mechanics is something known as materia. Materia is how you cast magic spells such as fire, ice, lightning, earth, and healing magic, buts that’s not all materia can do it can also allow you to summon creatures to assist you in fights. It also can allow you to use an enemies own attack against them. Sometimes the story can get side tracked into a characters own side quest which is annoying when you just want to play the game. I think that Final Fantasy 7 is a really good game and a lot of fun to play when your in a good mood.