Inside the Mind of Student Acting– Sean White


Rin Akers, Reporter

“One of the best,” Mr. James, Cabell Midland theatre teacher, says about one of his prize students: Sean White. He points me over to a young man who I instantly know is the one I need after a few questions. His acting career of currently three years here at Midland was inspired by the famous Johnny Depp when he was a child. Johnny Depp stars in multiple movies with a variety of characters which is what drew White to him. Since his freshman year he’s been a star in every play: Bob Cratchit, Scrooge (his most notable part), and soon in “The Wizard of Oz” whose cast has not been released but he suspects he will be the lion. When White was younger he would immerse himself in games where he became a role. He gave a specific example, “Me and my friends would play cops and robbers, and stuff like that. I loved being a robber and running around. It was really fun to step into the mindset of a robber and feel like I was actually there.”

White says he likes to become the characters and something he really enjoys about acting is studying them and knowing them so well he knew what they would do in a situation. He loves transitioning into the character. He reminisces, “When I got into theatre, it was nice to become somebody different and actually know what to do. When you study a character and their attributes it’s a lot easier to decide than with myself. I can express myself through that. I feel very… complete, if that makes sense.” He says that sometimes he questions things about himself, like why this and why that but with characters you know why so it’s a lot easier to portray.

Theatre class is a very interesting class, I have noticed. Everyone in there comes from something different but they all somehow connect with each other. “I am among my people,” he says. He can really express himself and be dramatic and overall let himself loose. He says people are very judgy, but in theatre they’re the same essentially, so there’s nothing to judge. They’re all very talkative and open. As soon as you step into that room, you’re part of a family.

This year, everything is going to be different in terms of the play. White says he’s not sure how things will accommodate our regulations with distancing ourselves and such. However, Mr. James is currently trying to purchase the rights to “The Wizard of Oz” and according to Ayrazzelia Meade, another prodigious acting student, he’s going to try his best to make a play happen this year. He was upset last year about the students not being able to perform a play, the seniors in his class especially. So she believes he’s going to do everything possible to assure they have one this year. She says, “It’s going to be the same Wizard of Oz we know and love”, however, it comes with a modern twist on the costumes. The only costume that will remain unchanged is Dorothy’s. White lets on some information as to why: “Dorothy is supposed to be out of place. She’s in a world where she doesn’t belong and she’s trying to get back home to Kansas. If she looked the same, that would defeat the purpose.” This year, you can nearly 100% expect a wonderful play.