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President Whitmore



Cabell Midland High School is most known for its talented and accomplished students, but one student stands out among the rest. Benjamin Whitmore, the student body president, has not only achieved great success but has also positively impacted the entire school community. This article will dive deeper into Whitmore’s journey, work ethic, and plans for the future. 


When asked about his greatest achievement, Whitmore proudly mentions his role as student body president. This prestigious position is often seen as a “popularity contest” as Whitmore says, but his approach has been different. Instead of focusing on popularity, he has dedicated himself to building strong relationships with his peers and gaining their trust and support. Over the years, he has nurtured personal and professional relationships with various individuals, which has ultimately played a significant role in his success as a leader. 


Whitmore‘s work ethic can be described as intense, yet room for improvement always exists. Whitmore elaborates, “I try my best to put 110% in everything I do, and anytime I have thoughts of backing down, I let it motivate me.” However, he also acknowledges that there is always room for growth and a better mindset. This self-awareness and willingness to constantly improve set Whitmore apart as a dedicated and driven individual. 


Being the student body president undoubtedly affects Whitmore’s school day. He is aware that his actions and words hold more weight now that he represents not only himself but his entire class and school. This brings added responsibility and a heightened awareness of his decisions’ consequences. Additionally, the role requires him to take on the stress of planning school events. Nevertheless, Whitmore embraces the opportunity to have a voice and positively impact Cabell Midland High School.  


Looking toward the future, Whitmore plans to attend Marshall University. The university’s affordability and the availability of merit-based scholarships make it an attractive choice for him. Following his undergraduate studies at Marshall, he aspires to attend optometry school, preferably in Kentucky or Ohio. Moreover, Whitmore has a deep passion for becoming a pastor someday and hopes to fulfill this calling.  


When asked about the impact of the school on his social life, Whitmore acknowledges a clear connection. His busy schedule largely determines who he spends his time within the school building, limiting his opportunities for socializing. Homework and extracurricular activities also consume a significant amount of his spare time. However, Whitmore finds solace in the fact that taking classes with the same individuals over the years has allowed him to forge new friendships and strengthen existing relationships.  


As the student body president, Whitmore recognizes the influence he has on other students. He states, “With my status and seniority, I believe I am able to help younger students have someone to look up to and be a role model in their high school lives.” In addition, Whitmore’s optimistic demeanor resonates with his peers, brightening their days and spreading positivity. He hopes that his influence inspires others to have a more positive outlook and be a source of encouragement to those around them.  


When asked for advice on how to be successful in school, Whitmore advises students to get involved and give their full effort. He emphasizes that by not giving their all, students are only cheating themselves out of their full potential. Hard work and dedication are key ingredients in achieving success, especially during the formative years of high school. Whitmore also encourages students to have fun and enjoy the learning process.  


For underclassmen, Whitmore’s advice mirrors his previous response. He stresses the importance of surrounding oneself with the right group of friends. The influence of friends is often underestimated, even though they have a profound impact on an individual’s choices and mindset. Whitmore also urges underclassmen not to be afraid of challenging themselves and stepping out of their comfort zones. Growth and personal development occur when someone pushes their boundaries and takes risks.  


Whitmore’s achievements and impact as the student body president at Cabell Midland High School are commendable. Through dedication, hard work, and building meaningful relationships, he has earned the trust and support of his peers. Whitmore’s intense work ethic and constant drive for improvement set him apart as a motivated individual.  


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    Benjamin WhitmoreOct 12, 2023 at 7:44 pm

    Awesome article! Absolutely phenomenal writing skills demonstrated by Miss Sansom, wow! I’m honored to be of assistance! Keep up the good work!