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United Nations General Assembly: Russia-Ukraine War


On Sept. 19 through Sept. 22, the 78th session of the U.N. General Assembly was held in New York City, in which more than 140 world leaders met to discuss pressing world issues. One of the more pressing matters discussed was the Russia-Ukraine war. 

On Sept. 19, 2023, President Biden expressed his continued support for Ukraine, saying that no nation can be secure if “we allow Ukraine to be carved up.” In supporting Ukraine, Biden says he hopes “to deter any would-be aggressors.”  

The U.S. however was not the only nation that found fault in Russia’s actions, as U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres from Portugal briefed the council, reiterating that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of early last year was “in clear violation of the United Nations charter and international law.” 

Over the course of the last year and half, the United States has a sent a more than $110 billion in aid to Ukraine. With these contributions, the United States has become the primary donator towards the Ukrainian war effort.  

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24, 2022, and the war has been going on for more than a year now. Many Americans are concerned as to where their tax dollars are going and what are they being used to fund. With the tension surrounding the present situation, I believe it would be ideal to allocate some of these funds to other internal programs in the United States- specifically for disaster relief. 

Recently, Maui, Hawaii has been plagued by wildfires. Victims of these wildfires are eligible for a $700 per person cash payment in relief. According to, the national average payment for disaster relief is $5,000 per household. This provides a stark contrast to the $700 per person payment. As a result of these wildfires, Hawaii has now become the 5th highest among states in terms of homelessness in the U.S, per 

Another polarizing disaster transpired earlier in February of this year- a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, causing the tanker cars carrying several types of chemicals to rupture and catch fire. This allowed the many chemicals to spread and contaminate nearby water sources, as well as the air. Today, many residents of East Palestine, Ohio are still feeling the effects of the deadly incident, some even unable to return to their homes. 

Many Americans would agree that they want Ukraine to win the war, though with an ever-growing number of domestic issues, some of the focus should be altered. In a time when everyone is divided, it is important to fund internal improvements to help create a more unified nation, as a country and as a people. 

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