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“Hot” or “Not” in Trending Fashion


In the ever-evolving world of fashion, it can be difficult to keep up with the hottest trends. Luckily, the student’s opinions are here to help in the decision-making.

When prompted, Cabell Midland High School students gave their own unique opinions on the newest trending fashion. Gabriella Robertson, a 10th-grade student, provided the statement that her favorite fashion trend is cargo pants.

 She stated, “[They] look stylish while still having an effortless look to them.” When asked to choose between gold or silver jewelry pieces, Robertson  made a point “…gold goes with more things and provides a timeless quality to the outfit you pair it with.” Cargo pants have recently been noticed by many celebrities and influencers which have only caused [their]popularity to grow since the original uprise in the 90s and early 2000s.

Another trend that originates from the 1990s influence is maxi skirts. Whether worn when going to a formal dinner or the supermarket, maxi skirts can be styled with virtually anything. An 11th-grade student, Katie Marshall, agreed that floral maxi skirts are “…simple yet chic” and opted for silver jewelry when asked about her jewelry preference.

Perhaps the most controversial craze of 2023 is low-rise jeans. Low-rise jeans first gained popularity in the West in the early 1970s, but only grew more mainstream in the 90s and 2000s. The revival of low-rise jeans can be credited to the fashion designer Alexander McQueen who featured this style in his 1996 “Dante” show.

 Adalyn Cantrell, a 10th-grade student, disapproved of the cut and style when questioned about her thoughts on low-rise jeans. She believed that “… the cut might be so controversial because of how much of yourself you put on display, compared to other styles.” In the silver vs. gold jewelry debate, Cantrell took the side of gold due to its complementary value of different skin tones and hair colors.

Funky and colorful sweaters have recently made a comeback. During the 1930s, brightly colored sweaters were seen as a feminist statement because of their “manly” appearance that emanates knowledge. In the present day, they are seen as a way to show personality by putting favorite colors and patterns on display.

 These sweaters are also a way for people to easily jump on the maximalism trend that has recently been viewed in many red-carpet looks. Freshman, Abigail Smith, voices that the sweaters might be “…too 80’s inspired, but also are a good way to express yourself through your clothing.” Smith’s jewelry style of choice is gold because she “…finds herself gravitating towards the color palettes that gold compliments.”

Double denim, an expanding Y2K style choice, pairs denim shorts and skirts or jeans with a denim jacket or shirt. Compared to other designs, denim on denim is a combination of many eras in fashion including the 1970s and 90s.

 The name “Canadian Tuxedo” stems from an incident when Bing Crosby was barred entry to a hotel in Canada because he was wearing a denim top and denim bottoms. A 10th-grade student, Audrey Adkins, states that denim on denim is “…too much of the same thing.” She also adds that it “might not be so bad if the bottoms are a different wash than the top.” When questioned about her preference, Adkins selected silver as her jewelry style of choice.

In conclusion, while many rush to incorporate new fads into their everyday wardrobe, it is important to research the origin of the clothing, company and style. There is nothing more special than finding an outfit that suits a personal style, so remember to always incorporate joy and personality into all the clothes that are worn.

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