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The student news site of Cabell Midland High School

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Medieval Games: The Joust of The Grades

They are SKINNING SNAKES? What is going on at Cabell Midland ?!
Katelyn (Katie) Marshall

On a warm Thursday in October, students gathered outside along the main office and concourse for the homecoming parade. Each Homecoming court candidate passed out candy to fellow students. The parade showcased our wonderful dance team, band and cheerleaders as well.


Afterwards, students quickly gathered on the castle’s beloved football field. The annual commencement of Midland’s Medieval Games was finally here! Missing class to listen to music and watch people play games? We’re in!

Knights competed in various games, including powderpuff football, tug of war, skin the snake, and knight on a castle.

Juniors won powderpuff, seniors placed second, sophomores third and freshman placed last. By watching their strategy and skill, anyone can tell that the juniors truly earned that victory.

To explain skin the snake, it is a game where, each group is straddled (in a line) and students take turns crawling under each other’s legs as fast as they can. Once the last competitor is pulled to standing, the snake is skinned. Whoever skins the snake first wins!  Sophomores won this game.

Knight on a castle is a traditional game played at Midland, hence the name “Knight on a Castle.” This game’s real name is “Chicken on a Hill”/ “Chicken in a Hen House.” Players gather into pairs and listen carefully to the instructor to hear what pose they must make.  A pose is called out, then the partners make that pose. At the end, the last pair remaining to make the correct shape the fastest is the winner.

Mrs. Riley did a great job keeping students engaged, and so did Mr. Williams. Riley played throwback songs for this generation of teens, like “Shake It Off” and more. She also played a game with students in the bleachers that was sort of like a scavenger hunt

(except with things students have in their backpacks or in their pockets).

After much competition, the Cabell Midland 2023 Medieval Games finally came to an end. For overall scores, seniors got first place with 17 points, sophomores got second place with 12 points, juniors got third place with 11 points, and lastly Freshmen won fourth place with 4 points.

I have a suspicion that, the wins will not stop here for the Class of 2024. Shhhh! I’m not the only one with this suspicion either.

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