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Is Winning the Lottery a Curse?

A Case Study of Three Winners

Is winning the lottery a curse upon the people that win? What really happens to lottery winners? Some of them win the lottery and go down a bad path from that point on. They spend it all, or someone hurts them because they won the lottery. Some winners can manage their money that they won in the lottery. then live a comfortable life after that.

Craigory Burch

Image from MWAZ news

In 2015, Craigory Burch won $400,000 dollars in the Georgia lottery.  One year later, he was shot and killed during a home invasion in front of his girlfriend. The perpetrators wanted the money for their own because they were greedy. They were able to find Burch’s address because lottery winners’ names were made public. Georgia is now among the 16 states that allows lottery winners to be anonymous to protect them from harm.

Edwin Castro

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Edwin Castro won the $1 billion lottery in California. He spends his winnings buying up  real estate, and has a $25.5 million mansion in Hollywood Hills. He recently purchased a $47 million mansion in Los Angeles after winning the $1 billion. He is living happy with paid off his debts and now lives a life of luxury.

He and his wife, who he married before he hit the jackpot, are still happy together. He has 24-hour surveillance on his house to make sure that nobody can harm him, his family, or his property.

He stated that “I will always be happy with the outcome of this win and will never doubt it”

Lara and Roger Griffiths

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This couple is from England they lived in wedded bliss before they won the $2.76 million lottery jackpot in 2005. After they won, they bought a million-dollar barn. They bought and converted houses and purchased a Porsche. They also went on multiple trips to Dubai, Monaco, and New York City.

Their fortune ended in 2010 when a fire destroyed their home, forcing them to shell out for repairs. Lara’s husband, Rogers, ended up leaving her because he had interest in another woman. He took the Porsche and never came back.

Lara was left without a home or a car, and she went bankrupt when they went to court. He got the remainder of the lottery money due to the money being in his account. Roger left her with $500.

She went to live with her father and later a friend until she got a job and was able to get back on her feet.


After looking at these lottery winners it seems it’s not a curse to win the lottery. If winners manage their money well and don’t spend it on frivolous things, it seems that those people are more successful. It’s good to win and make good use of it like Edwin Castro.

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