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Evil West Review


“Evil West” is a third-person shooter, fighter, and an action-adventure game. In “Evil West,” you play as a cowboy and you must help a secret organization defeat supernatural creatures, such as vampires, werewolves, bugs, and people who have been corrupted by leeches. The plot itself is unique and different. A dark menace consumed the American frontier and Jesse is the final line between humanity and a deep-rooted terror. 


You play as Jesse Rentier, he’s a secret agent and works for his father. Jesse is a very enjoyable character. Jesse has great voice lines, funny interactions, and he may crack some jokes from time to time. His voice actor is Derek Hagen, who has been in movies and plenty of games. Jesse follows his father’s orders, but secretly questions his orders, and even wonders why he’s following them.  


The gameplay and combat system are very smooth, with easy controls to learn and overall, an amazing experience. There are a few puzzles that need to be solved as you progress with the game, and most are timed. This game holds different environments that Jesse fights in such as underground castles, snowy mine shafts, swamps, and even deserts. The game doesn’t have any bugs and runs very smoothly, which is what makes “Evil West” so enjoyable.  


Some enemies have their own mechanics and different ways to defeat them. For example, werewolves can’t be shot because they can dodge the bullets due to their speed. Since it’s a western, Jesse has four different weapon types. He has a revolver, repeater, shotgun, and his fists. Each of these weapons have different purposes, some are needed to defeat different enemies and bosses.  


The developers did great on the graphics and the dialogue as well. In most games, the characters speak as if they’re not alive. In “Evil West,” it’s like the characters are having a conversation. The voice actors did a great job with their roles. 


 The developers followed a “Wild West, but weird” style, especially with the enemy types. This is what makes the game so unique to me, there is nothing like “Evil West.”  


As you progress with the game, you will gradually unlock new powers, weapons, and upgrades that alter Jesse’s abilities in fun new ways. For example, you can upgrade the magazine size in your revolver, making it hold more rounds. Jesse can even get electricity powers, but this doesn’t ruin the wild west genre at all. The gameplay is very smooth and action-packed. At the start of each level, you must fight your way through it until you reach the end.  


The loot system is also unique. The enemies you defeat don’t drop their weapons or items; they drop money that is used to upgrade your abilities. The developers, Flying Wild Hogs hid different cosmetics and cash, nothing serious that is required to beat the game. “Evil West” is basically based on skill, if you press a bunch of buttons randomly, you will most likely lose. You must use quick thinking to defeat your opponent because of the different style of each enemy. Some of the enemies can be difficult and challenging, but that’s what is so great about this loot system. If you struggle a lot, the reward once you win pays off.  


There isn’t much to complain about “Evil West;” it’s very smooth and fun to play, no matter the time or day. It can be a little frustrating, but it’s not “break things” frustrating. Like I said, the game runs smoothly, no bugs or glitches, I haven’t had any problems with it so far. 


 The one warning I have for the game is the maturity rating, it can be graphic at times. The scenery truly is beautiful; it’s enough to make the grumpiest cowboy shed a tear. The backdrop and environment itself really shocked me after playing this game for the first time. The story was 12 hours long, but each mission has its own unique mechanics and flaws. 


 I believe that the ratings from IGN are unreasonably low, all of them add up to 3.5 stars out of five stars. In my eyes, “Evil West” is a work of art, and deserves a perfect rating. Patience and timing are two skills that are required to play this game, especially when it comes to dodging attacks and taking on enemies with large health bars. 


Overall, I recommend “Evil West” to just about anyone because of how good the game is. My friends and I really enjoyed playing it together and could replay it as many times as we wanted. It is the perfect game to play with friends or by yourself. The developers made a flawless game and worked hard, and it all paid off. “Evil West” has a great story alongside easy fighting mechanics that are very similar to games like “God of War,” and “Elden Ring.” If enjoy games like these. You’ll love “Evil West.” It’s a very enjoyable RPG and is slightly challenging, depending on the difficulty you choose.  

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