May Student of the Issue: Courtney Powers


Senior Courtney Powers shines as an excellent student due to the amount of work she puts into her studies.

Peyton Johnson, Reporter

At Cabell Midland High School, it could be said that our students are exemplary, some of the best in the state. One of the best, however, is senior Courtney Powers. In her time at Midland, she has excelled not only academically but as a compassionate person as well. While many seniors take advantage of the opportunity to have an easy schedule, Courtney has continued to diligently work toward success by taking on 3 AP classes and 2 dual credits. She is ranked 11 th in the senior class with a 4.6 GPA.
“I have a passion for learning,” Powers said. “And love to challenge myself.”
When Powers is not striving for academic excellence, she is kept busy with extra curricular activities which involve dance class twice a week. She has been a member of the Cincinnati Reds Club, Key Club, the Interact Club, and now the AP Psychology Club and FCA.
Courtney Powers is also very active in her church activities. She has participated in multiple nationwide mission trips including ones to South Dakota, South Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee. Her passion for helping others has taken her even farther, as she went on an international mission trip to Haiti.
“While we were there, I got the opportunity to help those in need, experience the poverty in the country, and spread the Gospel of Christ.” Powers said.
She has raised enough money to return to Haiti and provide more aid for those in need over spring break.
“These trips are amazing, and heartbreaking, as the living conditions of the people in the country are so poor.” Powers said. “In the future I would love to do some long term mission trips to Haiti and other impoverished countries.”
For her future plans, Powers wants to be either a high school math teacher or politician.
“I really believe that anyone can make a difference,” Powers said. “And I would love to be a part of that in West Virginia.”
Her role models are her mother, who she feels always sets a good example for her, her youth pastors Lee and Carmen Boso, who she says inspire her to be faithful and loving to others and look at bad situations in a positive light.
“Of course, my main inspiration is the Lord and I try to live my every day life in a way that brings glory to Him.” Powers said.
Her advice to underclassmen and upcoming seniors is to challenge yourself, but do not stress about things that will not matter.
“Personally, I tend to put too much on my plate and worry about things that aren’t always going to be important in adulthood.” Powers said. “I know is cliché, but really treasure and make the most of the time you have in high school, because it goes by so quickly and the next thing you know, you’re on to bigger and better things.”