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2024: the Race to Presidency

Sky News

After four years, it is yet again time to undergo another presidential election. The 2024 election assures it will be a historic one, as a slew of candidates attempt to unseat the current president, Joe Biden. From the pandemic that shaped the world in 2020, to Capital rioters attempting to overturn the election on January 6, the U.S. has faced countless of obstacles to the Democratic process. But 2024 marks a new age for America, and the ideas that define it. 

Former President Donald Trump seems to be the frontrunner for the Republican nominee, despite facing several legal hurdles, like federal charges of obstructing justice and violating the Espionage Act. 

 Trump recently won Iowa and New Hampshire by a large margin, causing fellow Republican candidates Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis to both withdraw from their campaigns. Both candidates expressed disappointment with their results and fully endorsed Donald Trump as their choice for the Republican nominee.  

Preceding the Iowa and New Hampshire Republican primaries, several notable Republican candidates dropped out of the race: candidates Tim Scott, Mike Pence and Doug Burgum, just to name a few.  

On a different note, Trump’s main competitor in the GOP, Nikki Haley, has not backed down. Haley, a former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador under Trump, has branded herself as a “new generation of leadership,” emphasizing her life experience as being a daughter of Indian immigrants. However, her approval in the party has declined, partly due to her on-and-off support of Trump. 

There is a third candidate running for Republican Party, though is considered a long-shot candidate, polling less than 1% at the Iowa Republican Primary. Ryan Binkley is a Texas businessman and pastor running for president in 2024. He is a self-proclaimed far-right fiscal conservative who criticized both Democrats and Republicans for not being able to balance the federal budget. His campaign is centered around health costs, immigration reform and a national volunteer movement. 

On the Democratic side, major candidate and president Joe Biden is seeking re-election. It seems that Biden is going to be the nominee for the Democratic Party after he managed to win the Democratic New Hampshire primary, though did not even campaign in the state.
One of the longest of long-shot campaigns is Democratic candidate and 53-year-old Cenk Uygur, a political commentator and media host. The reason for this being a long-shot campaign is the fact that he was born in Istanbul, Turkey, which violates the requirements that a presidential candidate be a natural born citizen of the United States.  

The third Democratic candidate is Minnesota representative Dean Phillips, having few major policy disagreements with Biden, though says his age and low approval ratings point towards someone else needing to be nominated. With his Uygur’s campaign also comes his challenging of the law. 

A total of three Independent candidates are running for president in 2024, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and prominent anti-vaxxer; Cornel West, a professor known for his progressive activism; and Jill Stein, a doctor and activist advocating for an “economic bill of rights.” Aside from the first president George Washington, no Independent candidate has ever won the presidency, so it will be interesting to see how this affects their campaigns. 

In short, the 2024 presidential campaign is shaping up to be a repeat of 2020. While there is a different mix of candidates from varying parties, many of them have been overshadowed by powerhouses Biden and Trump. The primary elections for each state take place from Jan. 15 to June 8, 2024. West Virginia’s primary election is on May 14, 2024, so those eligible should show up to vote. 

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