Senior Wills: Class of 2016


Senior wills can be humorous or serious, depending on the person.

I, Alyssa Russell, leave to the following: Asad Ranavaya – my trash can from the state archery tournament; Doug Kimball – the bottle of A1 Sauce; The 2016-2017 Newspaper staff – my laziness and Ms. Chrisa Hayes;  the freshmen I call my children – my heart and soul; Tyler Morris, my favorite place in the booth; Nick Flowers – the trash can in the storage closet of Mr.Caviani’s room and the nickname “Cat Killer”, the award for most likely to beg everyone for food;  Kelsi McComas – my lack of motivation;  Hailey Gue – the “Jesapi” hand motion; Kyle Gillespie – the list of people I can tolerate. Officer Romero – the best coach/dad award I just made up; Christina Shy – lunchtime naps; Quinn Robertson –  the sassy offhand comments intertwined with productivity; Lilly Dusic – the lack of excitement on every archery bus trip; Nick Pletka and Nik Ferrell –  the award for most valuable kickball players; All my Freshies –  the nickname freshie;  Shelby Ferrell, Seirra Running and Mikayla Yuchniuk  – the title of biggest cat lovers;  Julia Pritt, the late night set painting; Cheyenne McCallister – the scars I now have from playing spoons; Julia Pritt and the rest of the “squad”; My best friends, the last day of school; John Kingsbury –  the award for most likely to beg everyone in the stage crew for food; To the best people I’ve ever met – the best four years of my life.
I, Alannah Stone, leave to the following: Damon Linville – all of my garbage; Jesten Richardson – my editor’s chair; Hollyn Starkey – Bernie Sanders gear; Ms. Chrisa Hayes – all the stories I’ll never write. Molly Runyon – all of the tears shed over Broadway.
I, Shelly French, leave to the following: Anisha Valluir – for sale signs; Jimmy Wilson – brain cells; Elisabet Gudjonsdottir – all of the blood shed on the soccer field. Damon Linville – the stolen journalism ID; Corton Ryder – all of the love in my heart.
I, Emily Cary, leave to the following: Damon Linville – my lunch; Underclassmen – headphones, gum.
I, Will Cooper, leave to the following: The Football Team – the ride or die sign; Underclassmen – manners and my $20 dollar library dues to whoever wants to pay them; Ethan Todd – half-day pass; Mr. Hayes – my truck ornaments.
I, Colton Edmunds, leave to the following: Jacob Bryant – Narnia; Mr. Adkins – my mom’s shirts; Lakota Clark – all of our platinum’s.
I, Jacob Bryant, leave to the following: Angie Blankenship – tardiness; Colton Edmunds – Narnia; Mr. Hayes metal rod; Lakota Clark, all of our platinum’s.
I, Collin Bellamy, leave to the following: Bryce Randolf – Panera and book to the back of the head. Levi Kessler – spray bottle.
I, Hutton Light, leave to the following: Andy Michael – golf skills; Chappy and Natalie – parking spaces.
I, Cole Tilly, leave to the following: Kirk Jennings and Cody Daniels – Ms. Hayes’s tardy slips.
I, Sydney McGraw, leave to the following: Mikey Dalcaton – cafeteria plants, Taco Bell, and Barboursville Park.
I, Hannah Villars, leave to the following: My little cousin, Morgan Berry, upcoming freshman – my challenges of always doing the best that I can and pushing myself until the end.
I, Hunter Vance, leave to the following: Christian Well – my lunch spot and bus seat; Tonya Johnson – my mechanic skills.
I, Devin Stapleton, leave to the following: Ethan Todd – my parking spot until Mikey Setliff learns to drive; Ginny Hardin – my killer G.P.A.; The Football team – my lunch pass; Goody – my weapon and high tech gear; Underclassman (anyone fortunate enough) – my beautiful saint of a mother, Amy Moore.
I, Caperton Humphrey, leave to the following: The Football team – my football abilities; Underclassman – all the headaches I’ve had throughout school.
I, Dustin Mickels, leave to the following: Skylar Burden -title Wudu Wudu; Wyatt “Scout” Bledsoe – my intelligence; Dillon Wells, my card skills; Anthony Mickles – my speed.
I, Cailyn Hall, leave to the following: Callie Bellomy – my patience and leadership skills; Tommi Lunsford – to use these skills and become better; Underclassman – all the high school drama.  Everyone goes through it, use it to make you better; Kati Kelley – memories of getting in trouble and having to run all the time.  You will have to do it too, you’re like me (volleyball); Upcoming Seniors – all my good memories. Make it last.
I, Summer Stephenson, leave to the following:  JV team – all my monster post moves.
I, Shelby Ferrell, leave to the following:  Hailey Gue – our inside jokes; Mikayla Yuchniuk – my love for cats; Nick Ferrell – art room talks; Cheyenne McCallister and Kelsi McComas – Stage games.
I, Kayley Stevens, leave to the following: Grace Houchens – my parking spot; Mr. Brian McNeel – all my forensic science puns; Emily Smith – my lucky Jamaican socks, lucky pencil, my spikes; Faith Erwiin – forensics notebooks.
I, Courtney Hogsett, leave to the following: Mr. Brian McNeel – forensics notebook and puns; Mrs. Amy Moore – my writings; Mr. Don Scalise – AP Government notes.
I, Amanda Hair, leave to the following: Struggling freshmen and sophomores’ learning Española – my notes from Spanish 1, 2, and 3; Students needing an art credit – my mediocre drawings; struggling Biology and Chemistry sophomores and juniors – worksheets/ lab reports; Upcoming Seniors – my patience.
I, Bridgette Black, leave to the following: The shortest freshmen – my number two pencil; Ashley Moore – 6th mod desk; My Biggest Harry Potter Fans – my Harry Potter Books; Cabell Midland Students – my greatest high school memories.
I, Michael Dawkins, leave to the following: Underclassman – my sarcastic mouth; Savannah – my niceness; Lily – my dancing skills, funniness; Shelley Davis – my goal for learning.
I, Claire Ashworth, leave to the following: One Lucky Freshman – my pool pass. You can only swim Monday – Friday.  Make sure you are really secretive about it.  All you have to do is take the elevator to the third floor.  Make sure to jump off the diving board for me.
I, Caleb Wray, leave to the following: Cabell Midland High School – my legacy from the football field to the basketball court, that’s how I want to be remembered.  Once a knight always a knight.  A lot of sacrifice went into the #79 on the field.  I would also like to leave the great memories along the way.
I, Makinzy Chapman, leave to the following: Caleb Dorsey – my corner at lunch, my collegium seat; The Freshman – my spot in Mr. Harless’s fridge; Kids in Collegium – Mr. Harless.
I, Tanner Mullins, leave to the following: The football team – all the terrible days of football; Tanner Smith – lunch table spot; Kylar Adkins – my football belongings.
I, Hunter Fischer, leave to the following: Brooke Chapman – my lunch table; Mason Fischer – my car and parking spot; The Wrestling Team – the hilarious overnight stays in crappy hotels; Crazy Underclassmen – Student section at the football games.