2017-2018 Staff

Sydney Smith

Staff Reporter

I am really into photography. I have a strong passion for music. I also love astrology and conspiracy theories.

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Samantha Christian

Staff Reporter

My name is Samantha Christian. I am currently a senior at Cabell Midland High School. I am a part of the Cheerleading team at Midland. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and staying at home.

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Adam Smith

Staff Reporter

Hi, I'm Adam Smith. I'm 18 years old and I'm a basketball player. I enjoy fishing and eating foods I've never ate before.

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Faith Caudill

Staff Reporter

I am a senior. I have three siblings and three dogs. I enjoy corny jokes and watching the office.

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Luke Rappold

Staff Photographer

My name is Luke. I'm 17 and a senior. I work at subway and I really like soccer.

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Alexis Hutchinson

Executive Secretary

Hi, I’m Lexi. I’m a senior who’s had senioritis since sophomore year, and I enjoy sweet tea.

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Alyssa Johnston

Staff Reporter

Hi. My name is Alyssa Johnston. I a 14 years old and I am a freshman at CMHS. I love the outdoors and anything that has to do with it. Also, I play softball and I'm a wrestler.

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Kodi Lewis

Staff Reporter

Hey, my name is Kodi Lewis, I am 18. I have 2 kitties that are so cute. I really don't do much, and I need a job. After I graduate I will be attending college. I love my friends, family. Add me on snap and insta @kodiii_lynn....

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Maddy Bellomy

Staff Reporter

Hey. I'm Maddy! I'm 17 and a senior. After I graduate I plan on moving to Florida so I can be by the beach every day! I also love dogs and love to sleep. P.S add me on snap!!!! @maddybellomy

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Sarah Stultz

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Sarah Stultz and I'm a junior. This is my third year cheering for midland and I'm very involved with my youth group. I have a cat named Otis and I love him very much.

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Julie Zabel

Staff Reporter

My name is Julie Zabel. I'm a senior. I am the youngest in my family. My favorite band is The Dear Hunter. When I go to college I will major in communications.

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Tatum True

Newspaper Editor

Hello world! I am Tatum True, not  false. I am a senior at Midland and this is my second year being editor of the school newspaper. I love my friends Hannah White and Morgan Blacking. We love Newspaper and delivering news to...

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Lily Martin

Staff Reporter

My name is Lily Martin, I'm a senior and I love cats. I take tons of naps and my favorite food is bacon cheddar cheese fries. I love making new friends!

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Carlie McCormick

Staff Reporter

I'm a junior at Cabell Midland. I have three dogs, and three siblings. I enjoy being with my friends, eating at Qdoba, and taking my dogs to the park.

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Hannah Tomes

Staff Reporter

My name is Hannah Tomes and I'm a sophomore at Cabell Midland High School. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and write. I'd like to graduate from Marshall University with a degree in journalism.

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Maddie Meehling

Staff Reporter

Hi, I am Maddie. I play soccer and run track at Cabell Midland High School. I love being with my best friends.

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Tyler Schelling

Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Tyler Schelling and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at CMHS and went to Barboursville Middle School. I have three brothers: Ben, Brad, and Kadyn. I have three sisters too: Madalynn, Abby, and Mia. My parents...

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Bailey Arkell

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Bailey Arkell and I'm a junior. I love to read and watch movies. I'm also the person who loves cheesy jokes and sarcastic comments. I love math and look forward to attending Marshall University to obtain a degree...

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Brennon Shope

Sports Editor

Hello I'm Brennon Shope. I am 16 and a junior at Cabell Midland. I enjoy playing tennis and soccer for the school. HMU on instagram @Brennon_shope1.

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Alyson Smith

Section Editor

Hi, I'm Alyson. I am a senior at Midland. I play tennis and laugh uncontrollably on the daily. My cat has no hair, and I enjoy watching "Friends" on my couch. I'm really bad at painting nails, but I'm really good at drinking Vitamin...

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Channing Varnum

Staff Reporter

Hi, I'm Channing Varnum. You will know me around school as the girl in the sling. When I am not injured I enjoy playing tennis and winning. I love Pita Pit and Cold Stone ice cream. I have a French Bulldog named Lily and she is...

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Hayden Taylor

Staff Reporter

Hello, I'm Hayden Taylor and I'm a freshman. I am in the marching band and I like to go on hikes.

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Morgan Browning

Assistant Editor-n-Chief

I'm Morgan, a senior here at Cabell Midland High School. Tatum True and Hannah Black are my bestest friends ever and you can check out their newspaper stories too. Hannah can write a mean top ten list and Tatum knows just how ...

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Bethany Tomblin


Hello, my name is Bethany Tomblin, and I am a senior here at Cabell Midland. My relationship with God is always number one, and writing definitely comes next. I try to give 100 percent in all I do. If anything could explain...

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