2020-2021 Staff

Shayden Ross


I am a freshman this year, and I'm 14 years old. in the spring I play softball. I am a big animal lover. My family actually owns a small farm. I have a dog named piper. I have 3 siblings. I enjoy writing, drawing, painting, or...

Taysia Smith


Hi, my name is Taysia and I'm a senior. My favorite classes so far would probably be chemistry, World History and Psychology. I like to read and I work at a small local shop as an assistant manager.

Halley Rowe


My name is Halley, I'm 17 and a senior. I enjoy watching Netflix and Youtube and babysitting. My favorite class is always social studies.

Sabastian Peake


Hey I'm Sab and I like music. I like to hangout with my friends and my girlfriend. I also like chocolate ice cream.

Nico Riggio


I enjoy playing football and basketball with my friends . I love to lift and I like to play xbox. I enjoy hanging with my friends outside of school and sports. I am also a triplet

Morgan McKinney


I like video games a lot I normally play games like Kingdom hearts, Super Smash Bros, and Fallout, But sometimes I like to catch up with what goes on in the world so I look at the news. Sometimes I think maybe I can Be A reporter....

Lili Farley


I'm a freshman and I'm 15 years old. I enjoy writing in my free time.. or at any time really.

Aliyah Byrd


I have an interest in art, writing, and reading. I'm quiet with not talking a lot. When I put my mind to something I try my best to get it done.

Owen Kreuger


Hey, I'm Owen. I'm a senior at Cabell Midland High and have had an interest in writing for a few years. This is my first year pursuing anything related to this interest so I'm very excited to see how it goes. Some of my other...

Hattie Colegrove


Hello, my name is Hattie. I write for the Cabell Midland online school newspaper. You can find interesting stories about school, pop culture, music, trends, health, and more under my profile. I enjoy eating lots of good foods...

Clay Holmes


breed: different

Kobe Holland


Kenslee Ferguson


I am a senior and I am 17 years old.

Harper Goldy


Hi, my name is Harper and I am a sophomore. Most of my time I’m on my phone doing nothing. I enjoy sleeping and I’m not a morning person. My favorite subject in school is English because I’m just really bad at math. I also...

Dylan Andrus


Hello! I'm Dylan, I'm new to the Journalism class and I hope to make a good effort. I enjoy civics and video games.

Makayla Smith


I'm a very shy person and don't like crowds. Spicy food is not for me. My favorite color is blue, but I like all the colors. Yes, I am a tomboy, but my style does not define me.

Nathan Stephens

I am a sophomore and a hard worker. I look forward to working on the student news.

Jessina Stender


For a beginner, my name is Jessina Stender, I am a freshman for Cabell Midland High School. I have done newspaper for Milton Middle School so I have some experience with writing articles but I still have a lot to learn. I love...

Merritt True


My name is Merritt True, I'm 17 years old and I play volleyball at Cabell Midland. In my free time if I'm not playing volleyball or at school, I have a job at Christopher's Eat's in between Pea Ridge and Huntington. I also enjoy...

Emma Shields


Hello, my name is Emma Shields. My favorite sport to play is soccer and I've been playing since I was 3 years old. I am currently playing for the midland girls soccer team. Some of my favorite things to do in my free time are...

Amy Borowski


Hello, my names is Amy Borowski. I am a senior this year and plan on attending Washington and Jefferson College next year! It is located in Washington , Pennsylvania. I have a high intrest in having a pre-professional degree in...

Reese Dunlap

My name is Reese Dunlap. I am in 9th grade. My favorite color is pink. I like to go to the beach and hang with friends. I have a dog named LeeLee and I am an only child.

Allie Hagley

I'm a freshman this year and I'm 14 years old. I like to explore different styles of art, reading/writing, clothing, etc. and how they're used in different cultures. My favorite culture to learn about and experience is Japanese...

Jackson Kirtley

"If you can't handle the hustle, don't hustle the handle."

Edith burns

reporter 2020

My name is Edie. I am a junior, and I like to eat Fazolis and crawdads.

Clay Holmes

My name is Clay Holmes. I am a senior and my favorite color is purple. Thank you for your time.

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