In the second nine weeks, we've had so much going on and its only four weeks in. In the past two weeks, we've had a fire, multiple pep rallies and a bunch of fights.  A few weeks ago a student caught a stove in the food prep room. Ever since the food prep teacher has been said to have not been back to class since. In my opinion, we have too many pep rallies. On the other hand though, I'm not complaining. It gets us out of class so it is worth sitting still for a half an hour or more. The bad part though is that it makes us all riled up when we go back to class and it is harder to concentrate. Also, it makes us have less work, that could make or break us. If we have everything turned in we will not be hurt but if we don't then our grades could be horrendous. I think we should have one pep rally per term.


Student Lilly Bass, freshman agrees with me one hundred percent. "If all we ever do is go to pep rallys we will miss so much work and wed end up faling. this is outragous how much pep rallys we have had recently. It messes us up"

Skyler Balageen agrees with Bass. "They're more focused on sports than work."

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

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