Alyssa Russell, Staff Reporter

Hello interwebs, I'm Alyssa Russell, and I'm a junior on the newspaper staff; I do things like a boss. I'm on the archery team, and I use most of my time to build sets or balance sound for the stagecraft class. I like to read, sleep (times five thousand) and I am on Instagram (ahem, follow me @alyhateshumans) way too frequently. I don't like to talk to large groups, but I like giraffes. Giraffes are chill. I like sloths too; we have a lot in common. Sloths sleep almost as much as me, but not quite. I'm a very random human being, in case you haven't noticed. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is my favorite word in the English language because it's ironic that it means the fear of long words.

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Alyssa Russell