Spring Break

Spring Break

March 19, 2019

Spring Break

Danielle Hughes, Staff reporter

March 12, 2019

Should we have a longer spring break? We have two weeks of spring break and we get an NTID assignment for one of the days we are not there. I think we should get an extra week of spring break where that some of us go farther than...

Spring Break

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

March 5, 2019

It's about to be spring break which is an exciting time because it means a break from school and the beginning of warm weather. For me I'm excited for spring break even though I don't have many exciting things planned. I get to...

Best Places to visit during Spring Break

Julianne LaFon, Reporter

February 21, 2019

Spring Break is coming up, so it is time to start planning your trip. Here are 8 great places to visit during Spring Break. Cancun- with its beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters -- is one of the world’s top bea...

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Spring Break