Why are service dogs important?

Dog’s are great at a lot of things we do in everyday life. They can retrieve, comfort us, and just give us company. But others need dog’s more than others. Service dog’s are very important, they help people with physically and emotionally issues. They have certain skill they have to learn to become a service dog. Some of these skill are Turing on lights, paying at the register, helping them get out of of their wheelchair, and many more.  The disorders they deal with are broken into two categories, Physically, and emotionally. Some of the physically one are,  Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a condition that causes seizures. Dog’s that help with this learn to detect them before they come. they will tell their human by giving them a signal. The signal might be putting their  head on them or touching their hand. If they get the signal fast enough they can get somewhere safe.Such as, a soft place or on the ground. After the seizure the dog will get extra help if needed.

Like I said dog are just nice to have around. Thats why they are good for people with emotionally issues. Some of the issues are, Anxiety issues. Anxiety is a reaction to stress in a dangerous way. service dogs are aloud to going into shops. Sometimes people need a little help to get in and out of the shop with out an Anxiety Attack, So they take their  dog in with them. Just like with Epilepsy the dog is trained to since an attack before it comes, and just like epilepsy if the human get the signal fast enough they can out of the situation and somewhere safe. The dogs can help build confidence in humans. witch makes it easier for people to get over their Anxiety.




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Why are service dogs important?